Amazon – You just canceled order 120-637764-588298

Forgot to cancel that Amazon order you never placed? No need to worry, the kind gnomes of the internet already did this for you :).

According to this phishing scam, I placed an order and then promptly cancelled it. Do not be fooled by emails purporting to be from highly recognizable companies. If you have a genuine reason to be concerned about a transaction you made always go directly to the merchant’s site to submit your inquiries. If you receive this email flag it as spam and delete it right away.


Your order has been successfully canceled.
For your reference, here’s a summary of your order:

You just canceled order 120-637764-588298 (link removed) placed on December 7, 2012.



1 of The Contains / 2nd Edition
By: Peter Wilson

Sold by: Amazon LLC


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Amazon LLC
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I never placed an order with amazon nor have been ot the site to even look at anything