Can I be your very close friend?


Hey Dear,

How are you doing? sincerely speaking I don’t really know where to start from, you are just fascinating, attractive, enthralling, interesting. Sorry for much compliments. You are simply simple. I found a lot in you and I wish to unearth more of your world. I realize I cannot just do anything if you consider me undeserving of knowing you. My dear, can I know more of you? Can I send you mails or chat someday with you? Can I ask after you once in a while to know how you are doing? Can I be your very close friend? Can I share things with you? A lot of “cans” please do not mind my manners. There is a lot to our past hope we shall talk about it someday. I seek a woman of great virtue, love could be found in weird places like this, and that’s why I am here. Hope you share my opinion? Thanks for your time,while i wait for your wonderful reply.


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