Candidate must be above 21 years claims (Pls indicate if otherwise)

Subject: Candidate must be above 21 years claims (Pls indicate if otherwise)


Candidate must be above 21 years claims (Pls indicate if otherwise)

I am in search of a candidate in your region who can receive funds on behalf of winners in your region.
My name is Mr. Hamlin. I live in the United Kingdom. I am presently a financial resource

co-ordination/director for a reputable UK based lottery brokerage company. We mostly handle local and overseas

lottery payouts for various gaming companies in the UK, Canada, and Europe etc.

Often times, funds/payouts which have already been approved by the lottery commission remain unclaimed by the

owners , for several reasons e.g. non existence of winners valid contacts, change of address, death, late

application of claims, wrongful notification, failed verification etc. In this regard, we are mandated to return such

funds as unclaimed to the company’s trust bank accounts. This does not benefit any person, and we have a reason

to believe that it ends up in personal pockets, without any compensation to us.

The duty of validating claims and authorization final payout rests on my desk as it is, and I have devised a strategy

to re-direct such payments from one winner to another. For this I require utmost confidence, hence, I need a

person of good integrity to work with in other to protect my job and assure me of my own returns when payment is

made. There is no risk in this on your part because every change will be effected legally from our office; all I ask is

that you keep it strictly only between you and me as long as this relationship lasts. I believe this venture will

mutually help our financial status for a good while.

At the moment, I have an urgent need to claim about three reasonable funds in your region (22,742,000.00;

14,820,000.00; 11,550,000.00) All in dollas, which has been already approved for payout. All attempts to contact the winners

have proved abortive, hence my contacting you. If you agree to a share 50% each on every collection, we can

proceed ASAP.
Kindly email me on this email me directly on: , and provide me with a more effective


Trusting you in confidence.

With Regards,

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