Dear Respected, I need your help

Subject: I need your help


Dear Respected,

Princess Fatima is my name, 21 yrs old From Endgame Town and a United Kingdom of Libya by nationality. I am presently residing in North Ghana Accra as a result of war that ravaged my country last years . And the story can be seen here, ** Link removed **

I wanted to facilitate this agreement by myself, but I am relatively new to this environment, and so seek your assistance to help me claim the money my late Father deposited in the Bank and transfer it over to your possession since my refugee status deprive me the right to this effect. It is not fallacy.
I wish to share with you in confidence that the amount totaling US$7.1m, which my Father deposited with a Financial Solution Bank in Ghana. The Fund is due as per mandated for claim, and must be claimed by the depositor or his or her next of kin.

Therefore the reason I decided to write you to stand as the next of kin to my late Father because your are the Choice one. Please if you can be trusted and capable to handle this with me in full confidence & trust, I will forward you all evident deposit to the fund when you comply with below information’s.

Please Contact me with this id: princessfatima[@]

Yours sincerely,
Princess Fatima

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Yes I did get this same e-mail and out of curiousity and a good laugh I wrote back. Below is the e mail I got back from them..and it has continued since then... Hello This is to thank you for your update response regarding my request to you and I got your contact from the International web site directory,pray that almighty Allah will bless you and your family for your concern towards my decision in shifting my inheritance to you account. With that am now obliged to explain more about my decision of choosing to invest outside this country.Infect, I decided to transfer this money outside the country based on the kind of things we have been coming across in our country everyday problems, and I decided relocate another country and start new life. So, that is why I contacted you for you to help me out so that this money will be transferred into your account. And before I contact I prayed toward it so that Allah will direct and guide me to avoid contacting wrong person. We do not have any problem to encounter in this transaction because my Rev Andrew Peter control of the refugee camp here In Ghana will give you good direction and advice you need to make sure that the money transfer into your account. I will give his contact so that you will contact him for good direction and guide where the money is deposited in Bank. Therefore, any more information’s need from this transfer Rev Andrew Peter I will let you know immediately you contact him. Below is Rev Andrew Peter contact information for more details Rev Andrew Peter control of the refugee camp E-mail: revandrewpeter[@] Tell: +233571400324 Meanwhile, I will need an invitation letter from you to enable me secure my visa easily from the embassy here and fly in to your country just as soon as this money reaches your account for investments purpose. To be frankly speaking, I have made up my mind to invest almost my own share of the money in where ever you may wish me to though, that shall be based on your advice to me. May Allah bless you as you help me out this matter? I am waiting to hearing from you. Regards, Princess Fatima al-Senussi,


yes this a scam