Dear Valued Customer your atm card

Subject: Dear Valued Customer your atm card


Dear Valued Customer.

We have been waiting for you since to contact us for your ATM MASTERCARD WORTH THE SUM $2000,000.00 (TWO MILLION United States Dollars) but we did not hear from you till now, and that was while you decided to contact you.

Then we went to the bank to confirm if the ATM CARD has expired or getting near to expire and Dr. Wilson the Director OF SPRING TRUST BANK PLC told us that the Atm Card will expired on the 10/ May 2012.

Then we decided to contact you For your information and to let you know that the delivering Charge, Insurance premium have been paid by the depositor of your parcel (JOAXIN COMPENSATION ORGANIZATION {MR. PHILIP MOORE} ). So right now the only money you will send to the FedEx Courier Service to deliver your ATM CARD direct to your postal Address in your country is($107.00USD) only being for the Security Keeping fee. Don’t be deceived by anybody to pay any other money except $107.00 US Dollars for the Security Keeping.

The sender would have paid that but we said no because we don’t know when you will contact us and in case of demurrage. Find below the details of the Dispatch Director who is in charge of your parcel.

CONTROLLER: Mr. Matthew Joe
EMAIL ADDRESS: fedexdeliver12[@]
PHONE NUMBER: +234 7041410317
Please try and reconfirmed your information with them to avoid wrong delivery.

Full Names:
Postal Address
Telephone Number:

Please if you are not sending the payment for the security keeping fee, don’t reply to this Email or reconfirm your details as this will only last for (7) Seven working days,if you are not ready to make the payment before then, We are going to return the parcel back to the depositor, because the parcel have stay long with us.

We are going to send you your tracking number to enable you track your package over there and know when it will get to your address after the confirmation of the payment by our Account Officer.


Name: Charles Abiodun
Addresss: Lagos Nigeria
Text Question: Color
Answer: green.
MTCN:…………………….. (fill and send)
Sender’s name:………….(fill and send)
Amount Sent:$107

Best Regards,
FedEx Courier Service.

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