FBI Washington DC: Attention: Beneficiary

From: “Federal Bureau of Investigation”
Dept: “Anti-Terrorist & Monetary Crimes Division”
Office: Washington, D.C. Headquarters
Address: J. Edgar Hoover Building 935 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW Washington, D.C. 20535-0001


Date: 1/10/2012

Attention: Beneficiary,

This is an official advice from the Federal Bureau of Investigation and it only for the SCAM VICTIMS. It has come to our notice that the Bank of America has a huge amount of money worth $10.5 Million United State Dollars in your name and to be transfer to your account but we the F.B.I need a verification document called Diplomatic Immunity Seal Of Transfer” (DIST) to proof you as the beneficiary and start the transfer of your fund to your account.

We have decided to contact you directly to acquire the proper verifications and proof from you to show that you are the rightful person to receive this fund. We want to make sure its a clean and legal money you are about to receive before we can instruct the Bank to transfer your fund to your account. So you are advice to forward us the “Diplomatic Immunity Seal Of Transfer” (DIST), if you have it in your position to satisfy that the money your about to receive is legal and legitimate.

Note, If you don’t have these documents as required, you are advise to contact Mr. Ronke Phillips, the person in charge in getting your said document called “Diplomatic Immunity Seal Of Transfer” (DIST), for your immediate fund transfer to your Personal Bank Account.

Also we have confirmed that the amount required to procure your document which is called the Diplomatic Immunity Seal of Transfer (DIST) will cost you a total sum of $1,620USD only and you are advice to contact Mr. Ronke Phillips for more details about getting your document ready for the release of your fund is given below;

Name: Mr. Ronke Phillips
E-mail: ronke.phillips[@]e-mail.ua

You should contact Mr. Ronke Phillips with the required details regarding the release of your fund to your own personal Bank Account and with the following requirement to get your D.I.S.T Document procure is given below;

*Full Name:
*Zip code:

WARNING: We have requested for the D.I.S.T Document to make available the most complete and update records possible for the enhancement of public safety, welfare and security of society while recognizing the importance of individual privacy rights. Failure to produce the above requirement to us, legal action will be taken immediately by arresting and detaining you. You shall be tried and if found guilty, you will be jailed as terrorism, drug trafficking and money laundering is a serious problem in our community today. We the F.B.I will not stop at any length in tracking down and prosecuting any criminal who indulge in this criminal act. You’re advised to keep us posted with the requirement to enable us follow up with the release of your fund transfer and act fast immediately.

Federal Bureau Investigation.
Robert S. Mueller III,
FBI, Director.

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Me too; I was getting 2-3 of these same similar emails a day,until I stopped replying to them. I would try explain to them that I have no way of coming up with any money,cause I have been out of work for the past 5years,no money coming in.I would tell them that I would be happy to pay a little more if they could permit me to pay once I recieved my money,everytime they would tell me that they couldn't do it like that,cause the transferr fee had to paid first. In my searching and speaking with the real FBI I found out that they do not us any of the free email services,so whenever I get one of these emails now,that is the first thing I look at to see if the email is one of the free ones and if so I usually just send it to my spam folder,marking it as spam.The emails has been liteing up since I have been doing like I just explain. I tell you whoever these scammers happen to be sure are brave enoungh to prosent theirselves as such of a official people like the FBI. Braver than I am,no way could I even think of doing something like that. If anyone has any helpful information for me on how we can all band together to put a halt on these people that would be great.

Shari Janoff
Shari Janoff

I just got a similar email from this guy "Ronke Phillips" asking for money or he would put me in jail te asking me for personal info! Luckily I'm not an idiot! How do we stop them?

Tim Scharbrough
Tim Scharbrough

Best thing for any of us to start doing,unless you are already doing it is to pray to God Almighty thru His Son Jesus Christ for discernment on how to discern if a email is true or spam.Also you can type in either the name of who are to contact or the sending email address,type this in on MSN web page and hit enter,lots of time is how I found out something was spam. And on most email programs they have a quesition if you to send certailn emails. And then you can always contact your local Better Busines Bureau. Hope this infor helps you out more. God Bless, Tim Scharbrough

Joshua T. Sutton
Joshua T. Sutton

i have this same deal they are talking about sending me to jail lol shit is crazy how can we all get together and sue whoever this is wasting our time