Federal Reserve Bank of New York

From: MANUEL DAVIS admin@mroczna.net.pl

Federal Reserve Bank of America
33 Liberty Street,
New York, NY 10045.
Our Ref: FRB-75BFNYUS2011

Attention Honorable Beneficiary

Payment Release Instruction From Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

Acting on our capacity as the international correspondent bank to the International Monetary Fund Organization, this is to officially notify you that we have received a confirmation advice from the International Monetary Funds External Auditors Committee, World Bank, United Nations Organization and the Federal Reserve Bank of America respectively via International Payment Voucher Number: IMF/FRBWDC/BOA-93WB82UN567-G requesting our bank to direct the FCMB BANK USA N.A, a subsidiary of the Federal Reserve Bank of America to disburse your due wining/inheritance and contract payment valued at Seven Million Three Hundred Thousand United States Dollars (US7.3M) in your favor via their branch in New York.

In consideration of the above, you have been issued with this Exclusive Reference Identification Number (IMF/FRB-NY/9USXX10751/09), Vide Transaction No.: WHA/EUR/202 and Transfer Allocation No.: FRB/X44/701LN/NYC/US, Password: 2236, Pin Code: 78569, Certificate of Merit No: 104, Release Code No: 0876; Immediate FCMB Telex Confirmation No: -222568; Secret Code: XXTN014. Having received these vital payment numbers, you are instantly qualified to receive and confirm your payment within the next 72hrs. as necessary clearance has been granted from the International Monetary Funds External Auditors to release the funds to you with immediate effect.

In view of this directive received from the International Monetary Funds (IMF), we have on our own part verified your payment file as directed to us, and your name is next on the list of outstanding fund beneficiaries to receive their payment at this final quarter of year 2011. With that being done, you are required to urgently contact the FCMB USA N.A. in New York through their International Funds Release Supervisor:
Contact Person: Mr. Jonathan Beard.Tel: 718 285 8851
(Head, Funds Release Supervisor)
Email: jonatanbeard113@gmail.com

And reconfirm your international payment voucher number and your reference identification number respectively before the office with a view to the final remittance approval and subsequent crediting of your bank account to the tune of funds as stated herein.

We wish to inform you of the need for you to also re-confirm the following information before the FCMB BANK USA N.A. in New York to enable the officer in-charge to proceed with the preliminary arrangements that will enhance the immediate release of your funds. Owing to security reasons, be clearly informed that the bank will not respond to any phone calls/general inquiries placed to our bank with regards to the remittance of your funds by beneficiaries as we are barred from doing so, you are therefore advised to communicate only with the accredited officer for further remittance advice.

1) Full Name:
2) Full Address;
3) Your contact telephone and fax number;
4) Your Age and Profession;
5) Copy of any valid form of your Identification;
6) Your Bank name;
7) Your Bank Address;
8) Account name and Number;
9) ABA/Routing Number;
10) Swift or Sort Code/IBAN;

Thank you for your anticipated co-operation.
Manuel Davis

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it's to bad that government city local, state or federal do not care at all about this. Steal a Rolex and look out 

defraud someone of enough to buy 10 Rolex's and all you get are blank stare's and often mis-information about 

where to go what to do or who is responsible for follow-up on something like this. The silence on the other end 

of the phone is deafening. After falling for a couple of these I have come up with a system to save yourself from the same mistakes never send money for any reason, Never respond to anything that your first see online or email.

The real world still works with snail mail only. Before any funds are ever released you will be required to sign real documents and get copies. On-line signatures are not valid for issues of probate inheritance or Insurance. Just 

like you cannot sign online to cash a check. Please add to this if you know more about this area of scams


well there at it again this time it a ladies name being used and I'm sure after they read my reply they will not be emailing me again. I sure hope they haven't gotten people to give up the info requested by them.


something should be done to stop this from happening cause a lot of people have been tricked into sending these people money and their information in hopes that they may actually get money they should be stopped and persecuted for their crimes


I have been receiving emails from a man named Terry J. * Saying basicly the same thing.


This is the 2nd time in less than a month that I have got this .same e-mail just different name for the person .