My names are Mary Spencer. I was diagnosed of cancer

From: “Ms. Mary Spencer”
Subject: Bequest


Good day,

Wishing you a very prosperous New Year. My names are Mary Spencer. I was diagnosed of cancer about 2 years ago, and was receiving treatment for it, but now the doctors are saying I have a short time to live.

When I was in better health, I never really cared for any body with no children of my own. I lost my husband so many years ago. I was a selfish and greedy person.

I have decided to donate a large sum of money to you, so you can disburse to charities, widows, orphans and less privileged. I was doing this myself but now my health has deteriorated, I wanted my relatives to do this for me but they only saw it as an opportunity to enrich themselves.

I will be going in for an operation soon, I want this last act of mine to be an offering unto God, perhaps he will have mercy on me. Please contact my lawyer with the below:

Clarence Russells

Quote my ref # : Mary/hybrid/211/ytx when responding.

I am sending him a copy of this message as well so he is aware of my intentions,Please use the funds well and always extend the good works to others.

Stay blessed,
Mary Spencer

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paula kiss
paula kiss

rec'd above email and have now rec'd 2nd email from united nations trust fund wanting me to reply to a claim for 650,000.00 I'm sure somebody wants to give a complete stranger 650 grand!!!