Mar 13

Payment MTCN= 2342032544

Looks like I’m running out of time to claim my money.

This is your typical advance fee fraud. We’ve seen a spike in this particular email floating around over the past few days. Did you get it?


[alert style=”danger”]


This is the second email we are sending you now after two weeks, if you
get this one, I write to inform you that we have already sent you
$5,000.00 through our Western Union as we have been given the
mandate to transfer your full compensation payment of $250,000.00 USD via
Western Union by the United Nations. This is because United Nations are
supporting individuals due to the worldwide economy meltdown..
So, I decided to email you the MTCN and sender name, so you can pick up this
$5000.00 USD to enable us send another $5000.00 by tomorrow as you know,
we will be sending you only $5000.00 per day.

Please pick up this information and run to any Western Union in your
country to pick up the $5000.00 USD and call me back to send you another
payment tomorrow.

Information’s to pick up the money

*MTCN: 2342032544
*First Name: Kim
*Last Name: Regan
*Amount $5,000.00

To check the status of your transfer via website, click below:
** Link removed **
I am waiting for your call once you pick up this USD $5,000.00,Please
email me your direct telephone number because I need to be calling you
once we send any payment for the informations.

Mr.Kent Paul


Mar 13

Please respond – overdue payment

No I will not respond and I don’t care how “overdue” my payment is.

Be careful guys this one is trending heavily today. A virus total scan revealed that the attachment “INVOICE_28781731.zip (88KB)” contains a trojan. Do not download the attachment our attempt to open it.


[alert]Please find attached your invoices for the past months. Remit the payment by 02/04/2013 as outlines under our “Payment Terms” agreement.

Thank you for your business,

Jarrod Yoder

This e-mail has been sent from an automated system. PLEASE DO NOT REPLY.

The information contained in this message may be privileged, confidential and protected from disclosure. If the reader of this message is not the intended recipient, or an employee or agent responsible for delivering this message to the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that any dissemination, distribution or copying of this communication is strictly prohibited. If you have received this communication in error, please notify your representative immediately and delete this message from your computer. Thank you.[/alert]

Mar 13

Top email scams and how to avoid them

Although email scammers are becoming more sophisticated in their ploys, you can protect yourself by knowing what to look for. Email scams continue to be a plague even to those who consider themselves Internet-savvy. In a moment of panic, anyone can fall prey to a scammer’s ploy. Full Article

Dec 12

Amazon – You just canceled order 120-637764-588298

Forgot to cancel that Amazon order you never placed? No need to worry, the kind gnomes of the internet already did this for you :).

According to this phishing scam, I placed an order and then promptly cancelled it. Do not be fooled by emails purporting to be from highly recognizable companies. If you have a genuine reason to be concerned about a transaction you made always go directly to the merchant’s site to submit your inquiries. If you receive this email flag it as spam and delete it right away.


Your order has been successfully canceled.
For your reference, here’s a summary of your order:

You just canceled order 120-637764-588298 (link removed) placed on December 7, 2012.



1 of The Contains / 2nd Edition
By: Peter Wilson

Sold by: Amazon LLC


Thank you for visiting Amazon!

Amazon LLC
Earth’s Biggest Selection

Dec 12

Your Paypal.com transaction confirmation

It looks like i’m going to be doing a lot of cooking this holiday season with my brand new “CooksEssentials 12-piece Cookware Set w/ Color Smart Nonstick“.  ….NOT!

This scam uses a common scare tactic in an attempt to get you to panic and click on links in the email. A Virus total scan of the link revealed a “Malicious” content warning. See also Paypal’s warning about suspicious looking emails.


Your Paypal.com transaction confirmation


Dec 12

Your Amazon.com Kindle e-book order confirmation.

Apparently I’ve been doing a lot of reading lately, so much so that I now have a bill for $50.99 from “Amazon”. :)

Always keep in mind that scammers use popular brand names in an attempt to trick you into thinking that the email is legitimate. In the example below the aim is to get you to click a link in the email that will ultimately take you to a “Malicious”/”Suspicious” site as indicated by a Virus total scan.

If you get an email like the one below do not click links associated with the message or download any attachments. You should instead flag the email as spam and delete it right away!



Jun 12

Your AT&T wireless bill is ready to view

Don’t be fooled by this phishing attempt to get your AT&T account details (or worse). In the example below you will see that the “log in” link does not point to AT&T‘s website. A VirusTotal scan of the URL revealed that the target site  is “malicious”. Do not click on links or download attachments that may accompany this fake AT&T email. Flag the email as spam and delete right away!

If you have a genuine reason to be concerned about your bill you should visit AT&T’s website directly or call call their customer support department. See also AT&T’s website on phishing scams and how to protect yourself.


Your AT&T wireless bill is ready to view

Apr 12

NY Traffic Ticket

This is a slightly modified version of the very popular “Uniform Traffic Ticket” scam we reported on back in July, 2011. In this new version you are prompted to click a link instead of opening an attachment to “PLEAD” innocent or guilty. Do not click the link, flag as spam!

Nina Golgowski did an awesome job of exposing this scam in her CNN article “NY troopers warn of e-mail hoax ticket and computer virus“.


Apr 12

Verizon Wireless: Your Bill Is Now Available

This fake Verizon email has been making the rounds lately. The phony bill displays an astronomical “Balance Due” in an attempt to make you panic. Scammers often use scare tactics to get you to drop your guard.

Rule of thumb: Stop, breathe, think! Never hastily click on links within emails. If you have a valid reason to be concerned about a bill, contact the company directly by telephone or make your inquiry through the company’s official website.

A VirusTotal scan of the embedded url (see screenshot below) revealed the following:

  • Malware site
Your Bill Is Now Available