Jan 12

Contact My Lawyer!

From: “Mrs. Sakora Kenshin”
Subject: Contact My Lawyer!!!


Good Day,

My name is Mrs. Sakora Kenshin the owner and C.E.O of SAKORA SEA FOOD LTD, in
Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand. I am a dying woman who has decided to donate
what I have to you. For charitable goals.

I am 57 years old woman and I was diagnosed with Esophageal Cancer about 2
years ago. Presently i am going for a surgery, and i don’t know what may
happen to me, i don’t want my family to involve in my wealth, because they
have been waiting to see me dead. I have decided to use what i have to help
the poor in any part of the world. If you feel for me and you want to help me
to carry out my wishes. kindly Contact my lawyer through this email address
(brr.sengkonglim1718[@]live.com) or you can call his private Line
+855977138957) if you are interested in carrying out this task, you have to
contact him and introduce yourself to him, he will contact me with your
details so that I access you before giving him the approval to include you as
my next of kin to qualify you to receive the funds and use it to accomplish
my wish.

My lawyer’s name is Barrister Sengkong Lim. I know I have never met you but
my mind instincts me to do this through you, and i hope you act sincerely
with passion.

Thank you and God bless you.
Mrs. Sakora Kenshin