Your order N22890 for rotorcraft for the weekend

Be on the lookout for fake bills claiming that you have ordered “rotocraft” services or some other thrill seeking vehicle.

Scammers are always trying new ways to get you to panic and react irrationally. Always check directly with your credit card company by telephone or through their official website if you have a reason to believe you have been accidentally billed for a product or service. In the scam below you are prompted to open an attachment (red flag) to verify your “order”. Do not open the attachment or click on links associated with the message. Flag as spam and delete as soon you can.

Subject: Your order N22890 for rotorcraft for the weekend
Attachment:Order_N67132.htm (2 KB)


Your order for our air carriage services has been received and processed. The helicopter will be at your disposal from 9.45 p.m. sunday to 21.45 monday. Once again, our rates are:

1 hour in the air: 565$
Takeoff / Landing: 252$
1 hour standstill on the ground: 190$
Longest fly-time is 5 hours.
When flying for longer distances, a co-pilot is needed, and the cost accordingly grows by 94$ an hour.

Total Due you will be find in the attachment.(Open with Internet Explorer Only)
With best regards
Edythe Doyle

MD5 check sum: 9624bbbb962e6d7d724b9624bbb96da5

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I got this very scamming e-mail today. It went into my junk-mail box, but I always have to check that box, as some important correspondence from people I work for routinely go into that box on my Hotmail, in spite of my opting that it is not junk. I knew it was a scam, but Googled it to see how common it was.